BOPET Metalized Thermal Film

2 (1).pngItem: BOPET Metalized Thermal Film 

Type: Thermal Lamination Film 

Usage: Lamination 

Material: BOPET +EVA 

Application: Lamination For Post-Printing Finishing 

Thickness: 50mic PET/125mic EVA

It is PET based, both side corona treated and one side extrusion coated, thermal laminating film. Film has extrusion coated surface on PET film with low temp. melting resin, which enables the lamination of film to paper products by heat and pressure. PET thermal lamination film is a more comprehensive film for packing and printing. High tensile strength, high oxygen barrier, high definition and gloss, excellent dimensional stability.     


1. Excellent optical properties

2. Fibre-tear bond strength with paper

3. Excellent tear resistance



BOPET Metalized Thermal Film.png