BOPP No-primer Matte Thermal Lamination Film

3 (1).pngItem: BOPP No-primer Matte Thermal Lamination Film 

Type: Thermal Lamination Film 

Usage: Lamination  

Material: BOPP + EVA 

Application: Lamination For post-press finishing

Thermal Lamination Films have extrusion-coated surface with low temperature melting resin, which enables the lamination of film to paper products by heat and pressure. Various surface finishes available add value to the printed surface.

This product is a kind of pollution-free, strong viscosity and environment-friendly laminating material. There will be a layer of thin and transparent plastic film on the surface of press products after laminating, which will greatly increase the gloss and fastness also prolong the service life of the products, still has protection in waterproof, anti-fouling, wear-resisting and folding. Press product after laminating will be better in brightness and texture, and that press product laminated with both side corona thermal film can be printed or secondary processing. Besides, no primer film can decrease the coating sticking compare with the normal thermal film.   


1.Good matting effect;

2.Improving the color saturation;

3.Excellent resistance to tear & elongation.



BOPP No-primer Matte Thermal Lamination Film.png