Both Side EVA Coated BOPET Thermal Film

2 (2).pngItem: Both Side EVA Coated BOPET Thermal Film 

Type: Holographic Film  

Usage: Packaging Film 

Material: BOPET +EVA 

Transparency: Transparent

In order to solve the polarity difference between different kinds of materials, the compatibility is not good, which leads to problems such as delamination or cracking in different kinds of materials during compounding and use, and improves the interface bonding fastness between different materials. Our company has developed both sides EVA coated BOPET thermal lamination film , which can effectively solve the bonding problem between the interface of polar and non-polar materials, improve the comprehensive performance of the composite material, and meet the customer's requirements for interface bonding of composite materials. It is applied to outdoor clothing materials, building decoration materials, composite packaging materials and stylistic teaching aids with the same or different material bonding and compounding requirements.         



1. Wide range of applications

2. Strong adhesion fastness



Both Side EVA Coated BOPET Thermal Film.png