Corporate Governance

Polices of the corporate governance

  GuoFeng Film  realizes the importance of the good corporate governance which can be attained by adhering to fairness and honesty and would like to see the responsibility of employees toward their works with clarity and integrity.       
  The board of directors have set polices on good corporate governance as a guideline in conducting business which people will have to comply with.       
1) To construct the management structure that set scope of responsibility of directors - executive directors - sub-committees and the managing director that will raise the efficiency of operations;       
2) Ensuring that all procedures being carried out with efficiency under a good internal control system and an appropriate balance of power including clarity operation that can be checked and an efficiency in disclosing information;
3) Ensuring that the report of financial statements reflexives true results of its operations including appropriate steps to risk assessment;
4) To prevent the conflict of interest for the company's benefit;       
5) To instil conscience and morals to the management and employee to become good conduct - integrity and responsibility in order to adjust themselves to future change.