Why is BOPP such a great material for labels

PublishTime: 2019-10-23 19:46:37

BOPP film can be white, metal-colored, or clear. The ability to make clear BOPP film allows the creation of transparent labels to show off the contents of clear containers. With the appropriate inks and adhesives, BOPP labels can also be waterproof. BOPP labels immersed in ice-water or subjected to high-humidity without deteriorating. Labels made from BOPP are extremely tough. The material offers exceptional resistance to fatigue compared to other common label materials and has an unusual resistance to common solvents, bases, and acids.

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For food labels, BOPP film offers significant advantages. It’s non-toxic. The material’s also resistant to solvents and acids. Many food and beverage items, such as those containing tomatoes, citrus, or coffee, are quite acidic. Even when the items don’t directly touch the labels, there can be some off-gassing or limited contact during the manufacturing process that can stain or cause deterioration in other label materials. Using BOPP film for your labels can help mitigate this issue. These same properties make BOPP well-suited for bottle labels, jar labels, and canning labels.