BOPET Packaging Films Market to Reflect Steady Growth

PublishTime: 2019-11-19 17:39:00

Market Overview:


Biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate (BOPET) is a polyester film which is formed by stretched polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and it is used for its high chemical, tensile strength, and dimensional stability, transparency, reflectivity, gas and aroma barrier properties, and electrical insulation.BOPET packaging film  is a good oxygen barrier, so it is used extensively in food & beverage packaging.




Market Dynamics:


The primary driver for the BOPET Packaging Films is growing due to increased demand for packaging which will enhance the shelf life of products. For packaging of hot fills BOPET Packaging Films are the best suitable. BOPET Packaging Films can withstand their properties at high temperatures, the temperature sensitivity is very low compared to other similar kind of packaging products. BOPET Packaging Films packaging costs very much low as compared to aluminum foil which is also used for food packaging. BOPET packaging films also used to pack cosmetics & personal care. Cosmetics have limited shelf life therefore they have to be stored properly. BOPET packaging films can also be used in pharmaceutical industry.


Market Segmentation:


The global BOPET Packaging Films market is segmented on the basis of size, product type, end use industries, coating and region. On the basis of coating the BOPET Packaging Films market is classified into non-coated and coated. Based on product type the BOPET Packaging Films market is bifurcated into pouches, sachets, bags, shrink films, stretch wraps and others. Further, on the basis of end use industries the global BOPET Packaging Films are classified into semiconductors & electronics industries, food & beverage, personal care, cosmetics, home care, automobile industry, pharmaceutical industry and others.