Pouch Film

2 (3).pngItem: Pouch Film 

Type: Thermal Lamination Film 

Usage: Lamination 

Material: BOPET +EVA 

Application: Lamination For Post-Printing Finishing

Pouch bags or films help create brand awareness by increasing the attractiveness of the packaging. Pouch bags are a form of flexible packaging. These are made either with several layers of aluminum, plastic and similar food grade materials. Pouch films are also known as standup bag, plastic pouch, or doy-pack. These pouches are strong and robust enough to protect the contents from physical as well as environmental hazards while transporting from one location to another. Here we look at the some of the advantages of using pouch films for packaging.           


1. Tear and puncture resistance

2. Moisture, Oxygen and Light resistance

3. Heat seal ability

4. Chemical resistance

5. Easy to open

6. Easily transported



Pouch Film.png