Tokyo International Packaging Exhibition

PublishTime: 2018-02-24 20:47:58

Tokyo International Packaging Exhibition -TOKYO Park, is active in various industries packaging materials and containers, packaging machinery as the center, from procurement to production, logistics, circulation, sales, consumption, The world's few integrated packaging exhibitions in all areas of waste recycling.

1、Japan's largest comprehensive packaging exhibition in the world with a history of 52 years

This exhibition was held in Tokyo, Japan, on 1966. As one of the few comprehensive packaging exhibitions in the world, it has received continuous attention not only in Japan but also around the world. This year will usher in the 52nd anniversary. The 27 th exhibition, with its history and achievements in the world, Japan's largest comprehensive packaging exhibition.

2、The possibility, creativity and progressiveness of Packaging

This exhibition includes domestic and foreign packaging related industry representative enterprises and organizations, the last exhibitors reached 669. This exhibition brings together the latest information of packaging industry, and the meeting of exhibitors and audience presents new chemical reactions. This is a grand event that shows all the possibilities of the continuous evolution of packaging, is full of creativity and shows the advanced level of packaging industry in the world.

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3、Outstanding guest ability and popularity

This exhibition is proud of its outstanding customer-gathering ability and popularity in various industries, which has a long history of 52 years. The last session came from packaging experts and users in various industries at home and abroad. The number of men was 184,677, The number of professional audience registered in advance is 62,171. According to the Q & A statistics of exhibitors after the exhibition, During the exhibition, 98.6% exhibitors were given the opportunity to negotiate for business. Especially in Asia and other regions, where purchasing interest has been strong in recent years, the number of overseas visitors has increased significantly. The exhibitors and their brands can be expected to increase their popularity. The existence of packaging industry.

The universality of packing

This exhibition focuses on packaging materials and packaging machinery used in various industries. In the last exhibition, the breakdown of the classification of "packing materials and containers" was 35.1g and "packaging machinery" was 24.2. both of them were maintained. Balanced world rare existence of integrated packaging exhibition.